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PLACED IN NUUK, THE CAPITAL OF GREENLAND... will find Inuk Hostels. It's 5 minutes by car from the airport, and 20 minutes by foot to the city center. There are 4 cabins, 3 with 4 rooms, and 1 with 2 rooms - all with a fantastic view.

Café Inuk

Our Café is famous for the magnificent view. While watching birds, whales or seals, you can enjoy your breakfast, your lunch, your dinner, a glass of wine or a goodnight-beer. We serve the season's greenlandic specialities, like meat of reindeer, musk-ox, south greenlandic sheep and fish are served all the year.

THE ROOMS... the cabins have 2 cosy beds in 3 rooms and 1 bunk bed in the 3 cabins. Every cabin have a shared kitchen and eating area, toilet, bath, a Greenlandic illeq (bench). But most important: the best view you can get. We have named each cabin after Greenlandic animals. Puisi - Seal, Tuttu - Reindeer, Nanoq - Polar Bear and Umimmak - Musk Ox.


From september until april you can experience the northern lights. In May, June and July you will experience the midnight light. Our National day, 21st of June is the longest day of the year.

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